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Nuleeu Wellness Solution!

Nutrition Focus

Looking for detailed nutrition support? We have the solution for you!



Working with a Registered Dietitian has never been easier!

Each Nutrition membership includes:

Access to weekly nutrition classes

In-app resources, journals and more!

Basic memberships includes direct time with your nutrition specialist

  • Work on identifying solutions to support your goals
  • Receive accountability and coaching support
  • Create lasting lifestyle change


Looking to focus on fitness or wellness? >>click here




Drop-in class price $25>>Membership  VALUE>>It’s like the classes are FREE!


Ready for Real Personalized Wellness?

All  Memberships Basic and Above include:

    • Initial Program Development session
      • Create individualized goals
  • In-app messages, journaling, handouts and more!
  • Unlimited live class access
  • Access to watch on-demand fitness, yoga, and meditation classes

Schedule a Free Discovery Session to learn more!

  • Our specialist are experts at supporting your success
  • Each month your specialist will review your plan and recommend sessions that will support your goals
  • Switch between nutrition, personal training, private yoga and several other speciality services


The Connect Memberships


Starting at $99

  • -Initial Nuleeu program development session with your Nuleeu specialist
  • -Access to exclusive workshops and specialty events!
  • -In-app communication and support from your specialist!
  • -Unlimited class access to support your program goals*
  • -Get Started by schedule a free program discovery session now!

*Registration still required. Classes and open gym times are based on current social distancing guidelines.