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Personal Training.

Tired of large gyms, crowded spaces and lines for equipment? Our studio gym is right for you! We have private gym space for personal training and we keep reservations low for classes and open gym times!

We are diligently cleaning and following guidelines and making sure you have the best experience while with us! Want to learn more? Get Started with our discovery form today! Cannot be combined with other offers. Discount applied to initial purchase. Special only valid during month of June.

Personal Training Builds Confidence.


Supports Insulin Sensitivity.

Supports Mood Regulation.

Supports Cardiovascular Care.

Ways To Access Classes & Training.

All fitness services are available for non-members. Member pricing shown below.

One-On-One Personal Training Sessions

$68/Session & Packages Available

Work with a personal trainer on your goals!

$68/session and packages available

Work with a personal trainer on your goals!

Our Services

About Us.

We have personal trainers that have trained in extensive specialties to support individuals in a unique way!

  • Adult and Child Fitness
  • Strength and muscle building
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Corrective Exercise

Our gym is small, but that is good!

    • Private, safe space
    • We clean and sanitize multiple times a day
    • An inclusive place that supports everyone in all different goals
    • This is not your typical gym, actually our owner hates being called a gym!
    • No judgement, and totally supportive!
    • No dumb questions
    • We are all-out building confidence and strength!
    • Walk into any gym feeling confident and excited
Training Info

What To Expect At Your Personal Training Appointment.

Fitness consultations are completed by a Certified Personal Trainer, CPT. The CPT is a highly trained professional in the fitness field, with specialized certifications and extensive experience.

Your fitness and wellness plans will be tailored to meet your goals while fitting into your daily schedule. Our team of fitness and wellness professionals understands the challenges that can come with a busy schedule, and can customize your programming to meet your needs by being convenient and effective solutions!

The plans are designed to meet your lifestyle, current fitness status
and goals. If you only want to work out from home, we will build it that way. If you want to train for a marathon, then we will work with you on that goal! You will be able to track your progress toward your goals in the client portal and receive feedback from your personal trainer and coach each week!