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Virtual Personal Training Program!

Reach your fitness goals from home, by using your phone!

  • Only $100/month!
  • Initial Assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Weekly Check-In with Your Trainer
  • Monthly Re-Assessment with Your Trainer
  • 14-Day Custom Fitness Plan Built to Your Goals!
  • Includes:
    • Meal Plan Access
    • Recipes and Fitness Database
    • Grocery List Generator
    • Mobile App and Cloud Portal

This is over $200 in savings!

virtual training

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Nuleeu Nourished



  • 15-minute phone nutrition session with a Registered Dietitian
  • Beginner Nuleeu workout plan
  • Weekly Nourishment Newsletter subscription
  • Access to attend weekly coffee talk meetings
  • Exclusive member pricing for our services
  • Support for common questions when learning the NuleeuPlus platform
  • Access to over 30 Registered Dietitian designed meal plans
Nuleeu Nourished Plus



  • Nuleeu Nourished benefits
  • +

  • Initial 30-minute Assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Monthly 30-minute Re-Assessment with Your Trainer
  • 14-Day Custom Fitness Plan Built To Your Goals
  • Access to over 40 Registered Dietitian designed meal plans


Initial activation fee of $9.95 added to first payment.
Nuleeu Nourished Unlimited
Virtual Coaching Package


Now $100

  • All Nourished and Plus benefits
  • +

  • Includes weekly 30-minute virtual coaching call with your Nuleeu Coach
  • Access to over 60 Registered Dietitian designed meal plans

Fitness Classes

NuleeuFit and Yoga Classes
Small class size keeps training personal
Member pricing available
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Upcoming Classes

Nothing from 5th August 2020 to 12th August 2020.

NuleeuFlT Classes are designed for all fitness levels. Classes are a combination of strength training, mobility, flexibility and balance. A total body workout, so come prepared to work! Classes are different each week. Class sizes are kept small to allow for the trainer to provide comprehensive direction and support to the class.

Yoga classes are a variety of different class types, built to suit all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Classes are kept small so the teacher can provide comprehensive instruction and guidance to the class. Please click the links below to learn more about class options.


Please Note: to respect our teachers' time and yours, we request that you pre-register for classes. The option to drop-in for class is available, but if no one is registered in advance for the class, we reserve the right to cancel class. The best option is to register for class in advance to guarantee your spot and the class, and then cancel if something comes up to prevent your attendance. Please register by clicking the links below or call us at 757-339-3624 to register over the phone. Thank you!


What to Expect in Your
Personal Training Session

Virtual Training from the safety and comfort of home!

Meet with your training through video sessions, work to meet your fitness goals while home!

Fitness consultations are completed by a Certified Personal Trainer, CPT. The CPT is a highly trained professional in the fitness field, with specialized certifications and extensive experience.

Your fitness and wellness plans will be tailored to meet your goals while fitting into your daily schedule. Our team of fitness and wellness professionals understands the challenges that can come with a busy schedule, and can customize your programming to meet your needs by being convenient and effective solutions!

The plans are designed to meet your lifestyle, current fitness status
and goals. If you only want to work out from home, we will build it that way. If you want to train for a marathon, then we will work with you on that goal! You will be able to track your progress toward your goals in the client portal and receive feedback from your personal trainer and coach each week!

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What to Expect for Group Fitness Classes

All of our classes are designed to be appropriate for all levels of fitness.

We ask that you arrive at lease 15 minutes prior to your first class. This will allow a short tour of our studio and description of the class. Please feel free to ask any questions at any time.

It's a good idea to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for any subsequent classes.


We have a changing room available with lockers for storage, you will need to bring your own lock if desired. Arriving early to each class will give you time to change, get settled and prepared for class.


You will move quite a lot so wear comfortable clothes. You may also want to bring a bottle of water with you, however complimentary water and towels  are available. A mat for yoga is available for your first practice.


Our instructors and teachers are very experienced in walking beginner to advanced students through the classes, so they will guide you each step of the way. All of our classes are one hour in length.



Ways to Access Coaching and Training

All fitness services are available for non-members. Member pricing shown below.

The Nuleeu Nourished Plus Monthly Membership


*price per month is in addition to the $14.95/month base Nuleeu Nourished membership fee

  • Comprehensive intake with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • A custom 14-day fitness plan designed by a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Online program access
  • Mobile app access
  • Motivational emails
  • Meal Planning Support
  • Weekly progress monitoring... and more!
One-On-One Personal Training Sessions

Starting at


One-On-One Personal Training Sessions

Starting at


Nuleeu Nourished Unlimited- Virtual Coaching Program

Starting at

$100/ month

Less than $4/class!

  • Add-on to your monthly membership
  • Packages available!
Group Training Sessions

Starting at


  • Add-on to monthly membership
  • For 2-5 participants
  • Everything from Nourished Plus
  • With 4 virtual coaching sessions a month!
  • Variety of programs to meet all your fitness needs