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Start The Journey to Better Digestive Health!

Working with a Registered Dietitian is a great way to  lower and understand digestive symptoms!

Our Dietitians have tons of experience supporting clients with complicated digestion

You may be able to have sessions with us covered by insurance!

Food Intolerances and Sensitivities

Food intolerance and sensitivities can cause monthly, weekly, and even daily digestive concerns. Identifying the foods that contribute to this is a primary way to decrease these symptoms.

Symptoms such as bloating, gas, nausea, stomach pain, discomfort, urgency to use the bathroom, diarrhea or constipation can frequently be experienced.

Patients are often told to see a Dietitian to get help identifying trigger foods, or to try an elimination diet, FODMAP diet, complete a food symptom log, or completely avoid certain foods.

This can all be really frustrating and confusing.


Hey! My name is Anne Kristine Etherton, I am a Registered Dietitian and I am here to help! My team and I have been working with hundreds of clients to navigate similar signs and symptoms. Often struggling with the frustrations, difficulties, and even embarrassments that can come with digestive troubles, we totally understand the hopeless feeling that can come from recurring symptoms. We also know that with proper care and a personalized nutrition therapy plan, you can feel relief. Learning to manage symptoms with diet to support improved digestive health is key. We am glad you found Us. Now get ready to get started. Check out the link below to begin the 4-step plan to better digestive health.

Dietitian's Guide

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What Happens Next? 4 Simple Steps

  1. Submit your email to receive the step-by-step guide
  2. Complete the 3-day food log, following all included directions in the log
  3. Provide the referral to your primary care physician so we can get you started in our system
  4. Book your Initial Appointment with me to begin your assessment and develop your personal nutrition therapy plan
    • It is important you complete your food log before your appointment. That is why the first appointments book 7 days out.
    • We will check to see if your appointment will be covered by insurance as long as you complete your enrollment paperwork prior to your appointment.

Working with a

Registered Dietitian

It has been shown that working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) has been proven to improve success and outcomes. A Registered Dietitian can work with you on your Medical Nutrition Therapy needs. Working in different health needs such as cardiovascular diet, diabetes management, weight loss and more! The Registered Dietitian can work with you on an individualized basis to help you improve your health and reach your goals.

Nutrition services are available without a membership

  • Completed with a Registered Dietitian
  • One-on-one basis
  • Appointments can be virtual, in-person, or on the phone
  • After hours appointments available
  • Online client portal that allows for convenient scheduling, communication, and progress tracking
  • Messaging option to send your consultant a message directly and securely
  • Now accepting insurance!

What to Expect at

your Appointment

During your nutrition consultation, the RDN will get to know your specific needs and goals. Through a discussion of your health history, food specific details, and eating and exercise habits, you RDN will help you set goals and make a plan for success. What you and your RDN work on will be driven by your specific health and nutrition needs.

Follow-up appointments will review weekly progress towards goals, review weekly success and challenges and cover nutrition and wellness topics to support ongoing success.

Through the client portal you will be able to directly message your consultant, submit diet information for review, track exercise and activity daily, and much more. We even have an app!

Imagine checking in for the week while out and about or from the comfort of your own home, at your ideal scheduled time. We offer extended hours, because we understand the challenges that come with work and life, and we want you to be successful!

Self-pay packages available at a discounted rate.