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We know it is that time of year, everyone is thinking about wellness and health. While not big fans of resolutions, we are huge fans of wellness and fun fitness!

Starting a new wellness program is hard, we totally get it! Busy schedules, poor sleep habits, long commutes, routines, habits and more, adding something new can be really hard.

Here are a few tips we have found to be helpful when trying to form a new routine:

  1. Write it down… Yes, everyone says this, but what we mean is write down the ideal routine. Start by writing down what your ideal routine would look like in total, every day, in an ideal setting, without any limitations and barriers. Then we will work backwards.
  2. Now, take a look at that ideal scenario, and make a list of barriers that prevent this from coming true. This could be anything from hard to wake up because not sleeping enough to no time to hike 3 hours during the week.
  3. Next, cross out the parts of your routine that are due to barriers that you cannot change and really do not want to do.
    1. If you want to hike during the week, but work a full-time schedule, likely you need to come up with a new ideal routine (or new job) but right now it is most likely not realistic. Maybe you want to walk in the morning, but you would have to start before the sun comes up, or you are not a morning person because you do not sleep very well.
    2. Then, write in something that is realistic, such as walking in the evening until the sunrise is earlier.
  4. Circle the barriers you can address, and star the items that are related to that barrier.
    1. In this example, poor sleep prevents early rising, so this can be addressed, but may take time, so having a backup plan is also beneficial.
  5. Write a plan that will address the barriers
  6. Write a plan on how you will start small and build up to your goal:
    1. Start walking in the evenings, 2 times a week for 30-minutes and slowly build to 3 times, 4 times and 5 times a week to build the routine.
  7. Be kind with yourself as you start the plan. Set-backs are normal and expected. But being gracious with yourself will make you more likely to continue the plan.

Making a plan is always a great first step to starting a new routine. Writing it down helps to bring it down from being a wish. Finding support groups to join, communities that share your goals and passion, using coaching and other resources are all great too, but we always start with a plan.

Making your plans? What about Pilates?

This four-week introductory class will explore the fundamental movements of mat Pilates. The slow-controlled exercises are suitable for all fitness levels.

We will break down each movement allowing time for focus on breath, proper muscle activation, and the overall mind- body connection. Additionally, you can look forward to learning about Joseph Pilates, his original bodyweight exercises, and the many benefits of Pilates, like less pain, better balance, improved endurance, and more!

In addition to 8 group classes, you will receive a one-hour private session on the reformer. The Pilates Reformer is a fitness experience like no other! It’s fun and safe for all fitness levels.

Price: $145, over $150 in savings!

  • Eight intro classes 60-minutes long
  • (one) 60-minute private reformer session
  • Bonus access- attend Mixilates every Friday during the program!
  • Join a great, supportive community that loves fun fitness and wellness!

Mondays 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20 9 am – 10 am in-studio

Wednesdays 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22 9 am – 10 am in-studio

Private Reformer Session – by appointment

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