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We offer both custom group classes tailored to your group needs and goals and set group classes through out the year.

Looking to have a custom private group class? We can develop or support your corporate wellness and group class needs by customizing the program to provide the contenot and experience you are looking for. Classes and topics range from General Healthy Eating to a Relaxation Yoga Class, you dream of it we design it.

  • Group Education and Class Examples
    • Nutrition Basics
    • Healthy Eating on a Budget
    • Worksite Wellness
    • Group Fitness Class
    • Cooking Demos*
    • Meal Prep*

Our private classes are customized so you get the best class for your group.



Group classes start at:
5-10 participants

1-hour stock group class (no customization) $150

Each participant over 10 is an additional $20


Custom Private Group Classes Start at:
1 hour group class rate $500

Each participant over 10 is additional $40

Seminar rates
1 hour seminar up to 100 participants

*pricing varies for these classes as materials and supplies are varied per request, please request services below to receive a custom estimate.

Education classes typically include a presentation, handouts and additional materials as indicated by topic.

Request services below to start your private group intake request.

Group classes are a great way to receive the valuable educational information but at a lower cost than individual sessions. Group classes also have the added dynamic of a group environment and support. We keep our group classes fun and engaging while providing a life changing experience.  Throughout the year we offer a variety of group classes based on commonly requested topics.

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Classes are typically 4 one-hour sessions over a 4-week period. Most of our classes are presented in our virtual classroom, meaning you can join from the comfort of your home or any location your prefer. We recommend a good internet access as the live webinar format is best received that way.

You can sign-up on your own or get some friends to sign up with you!