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The following is a testimonial of a client that achieved great success through meal planning, calorie management, regular physical activity and regular nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian (RD). The RD determined after talking with the client that this method would work the best for the client’s lifestyle and would be the best to achieve the desired goals and results.

There are several diet interventions, methods and counseling techniques that the RD and fitness team have to utilize when working with a client. Each client is provided a unique an individual plan, which is a result of the one-on-one consultation with the team members.

All results vary from client to client; all programs are individualized to clients individual goals, needs and lifestyle.

I was a 62 year old female; 6’ 0” tall; weighed 212 pounds; lived in the Southeastern United States, was married with children and grandchildren; took medication for high cholesterol; and needed a right knee replacement. Other than the cholesterol and the knee replacement, I was in pretty good health. The only thing I struggled with, and had done so my entire life was being overweight. My whole life I have been on a weight roller coaster. Up, down, around the block. I have been thin, heavy, and heavier. Overall my life was very good.

The Beginning

Then a young woman helped me turn my weight loss efforts into success. A Registered Dietitian (RD);I had heard of this profession, but did not really understand the scope of what someone like her could do for me personally. She became a lifeline as I journeyed along this new road. She is extremely humble about it, but there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have achieved my weight loss goal had I not had her professional advice along the way. She is still advising me whenever I need it. And I find there are still many questions. This journey will never be over.
The Journey
My RD did an initial analysis based on various demographic, physical and lifestyle factors to calculate my initial goal calorie range, based on a goal of a 1 pound per week weight loss. I began Journal One. Each day I wrote down my total calorie intake. At first, it was a challenge to do this, but it became easier as the days passed. Another factor that contributed to making this journey easier for me: My husband was on the program with me. Doing this together made it much easier for both of us. The program was working really well for me. I had lost 15 pounds in two months!
At three months I had lost 23 pounds, and the program was continuing to work and was getting easier!



Through the holidays, knee surgery, recovery and more Georgette continued to follow the program and reach her goals!
Through consistency, balance, moderation and mindful eating habits she reached her weight loss goal over 14 months.
She lost an average of 0.8 pound a week and a total of 52 pounds!
She has now been in maintenance for over 6 months, and feels no concern about returning to her old habits or lifestyle choices.

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Health Summary

Start weight: 212 pounds

Final weight: 160 pounds

Total weight loss: 52 pounds

Total time: 14 months (to hit 50 pound loss)

average of ~0.8 pounds a week loss

Start BMI: 27.3

Final (BMI) Body Mass Index: 22.8