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Nuleeu Nourished Membership

Join us and be nourished

We are building a nutrition and fitness revolution. Our monthly membership is designed to be affordable, while providing important keys to success. 


Our Members Enjoy These Benefits!

Becoming a Nuleeu Nourished Member means you have direct access to top-of-the-line nutrition and wellness resources, support, and advice.

Our advanced nutrition and fitness platform features meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and fitness programming. It's all online and through the convenience of a mobile app.

Each week, you'll have exclusive access to:

  • -Mobile App for Support to your program
  • -Weekly Nourishment Newsletter subscription
  • -Access to attend weekly coffee talk meetings ( our experts discuss most common questions or concerns)s
  • -Access to watch on-demand fitness and yoga/meditation classe
  • -New recipes
  • -Fitness tips
  • -Wellness advice
    ...and more to help you be your most nourished self!

Attend our weekly coffee talks hosted by our nutrition and fitness professionals. Each week one of our professionals leads the discussion. We review a hot nutrition or fitness topic, answer member questions, and provide support through tips and advice to help you reach your goals.


*Classes are based on current social distancing guidelines.

Nuleeu Nourished



  • Access to feedback and support from your Dietitian/Trainer that supports your goals between sessions, not to exceed 15-minutes a month
  • Access to mobile app use and support for common questions when learning the platform
  • Access to watch on-demand fitness and yoga/meditation classes
  • Access to Member $5 member pricing for all classes!
  • Access to over 30 Registered Dietitian designed meal plans
Nuleeu Nourished Unlimited



  • Nuleeu Nourished benefits
  • +

  • Initial 30-minute assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • 14-day fitness plan to support your goals
  • Unlimited messaging and support for nutrition- and fitness-related questions
  • Unlimited group fitness class access free!*
  • Access to over 40 Registered Dietitian designed meal plans
Nuleeu Fundamentals Unlimited
Online Course to learn fundamentals of nutrition, fitness and wellness! Self-paced and easy access

$300 program price

    To maintain access, you must choose a follow-on membership. The default membership is Nuleeu Nourished at $25/month.
  • Access to all Unlimited Membership