Healthy Harvest Meal Kit Plans

We are launching our new Healthy Harvest Meal Kit Plans in collaboration with The Neighbourhood Harvest!

Our meal plans, our recipes, their food and delivery!


Joining Forces

Nuleeu Nutrition and Wellness has joined forces with The Neighborhood Harvest to provide recipes and plans built with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, but locally sourced and affordable! Our recipes, their food!

Meal plans are designed so you receive the majority of your foods delivered directly to your door, and the rest you purchase at the grocery store, typically snack items and some cooking items like cooking oil or herbs and spices.

Whats Included:

  • 6-Weeks of Detailed Meal Plans
  • Over 30 unique and tasty recipes, that are easy to prepare
  • A complete meal prep guide on how to make each week, so you prep like a pro
  • Access to our nutrition and fitness database of over 200 recipes, videos and resources
  • A direct liaison for The Neighborhood Harvest to place and manage your orders
  • Member only pricing with The Neighborhood Harvest
  • Access to their food delivery- reference map below

Once you purchase the plans you will receive an email with the complete starter guide and be contacted by your TNH liaison to start your order!

The plans are built to reuse items, so some leftovers are included in the plan but also there is room for sharing!


Receive six weeks of plans

With step-by-step meal prep guide,
recipes and grocery lists for the additional items

The Neighborhood Harvest

The Neighborhood Harvest is a locally owned and operated hydroponic greenhouse business with their main farm in Suffolk. There are satellite farms throughout the region. They combine their clean growing with a year round weekly delivery program. Their Goal is to deliver their lettuces, herbs and microgreens directly to your door within 48 hours of harvest when they are at their peak of nutrition, flavor and freshness. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pasture raised eggs, Virginia Milk, Baker’s Crust breads and lots more can also be delivered weekly all year long.


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