Healthy Harvest Meal Kit Plans

Healthy Harvest Meal Plans

Lifestyle Changes That Last

Our 6-Week meal plan program is designed to get you on track to your goals!

We have developed a powerful program that combines our easy to follow meal plans, recipes and complete meal prep guide with The Neighborhood Harvest amazing ingredients and delivery!

Simple easy and effective programming!

Our mobile app and web portal for easy access and on the go planning

-You select  meal plan for the week

-Order with your TNH liaison and schedule your delivery

-Purchase a few add-on items such as herbs and spices

-Once your delivery arrives, it's time to prep!

 Welcome to our Healthy Harvest Meal Kit Plans in collaboration with The Neighborhood Harvest!

Our meal plans,  recipes and detailed guide combined with their high quality delicious food and delivery!

Meal plans are designed so you receive the majority of your foods delivered directly to your door, and the rest you purchase at the grocery store, typically snack items and some cooking items like herbs and spices.

The plans are built to reuse items, so some leftovers are included in the plan but also there is room for sharing!

Receive six weeks of  plans with a complete step-by-step meal prep guide, over 30 recipes and grocery lists for the additional items.

You also receive access to our complete recipe database, over 30 stock meal plans, our fitness videos and a beginner fitness program through the web portal and mobile app!

Once you sign up you will receive:

-Email containing the complete meal prep guide PDF

- Email with step-by-step instructions on registering for the portal and mobile app

-Your TNH liaison will be contacting you to set you up for your weekly orders and schedule your deliveries*

- A NNW consultant will contact you to support you with any program set-up and registration

*the price of food is additional and varies per each week of the menu, your liaison will review the details, but average meal price is less than $8. Some additional meal items will need to be purchased such as some fruits, seasoning and spices.

About The Neighborhood Harvest

The Neighborhood Harvest is a locally owned and operated hydroponic greenhouse business with their main farm in Suffolk. There are satellite farms throughout the region.  They combine their clean growing with a year round weekly delivery program.  Their Goal is to deliver their lettuces, herbs and microgreens directly to your door within 48 hours of harvest when they are at their peak of nutrition, flavor and freshness.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pasture raised eggs, Virginia Milk, Baker’s Crust breads and lots more can also be delivered weekly all year long. Learn more here.

Check their delivery locations here:




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How The Program Works

Sign up to receive your complete meal plan guide PDF

-This guide gives you step-by-step details for each weekly meal plan and meal prep guide

-Register for online portal and mobile app access to receive recipes, customized plan goals and more!

-Talk with your TNH liaison to plan your meal orders and delivery!

-Track your meal plan in the mobile app or online to reach your goals!

6-weeks of meal plans and recipes

Meal Plans are designed to  optimize your nutrition with balanced meals and snacks and high quality ingredients!

-Each week has different recipes and ingredients

-Plans are designed around 3 meals and 2-3 snacks and will be adjusted to your initial intake goals and registration in the portal.

-Receive special discounts with TNH through the program. Weekly orders are designed to create 21 meals, with some additional items required. All you may need to do is buy some items that they currently do not carry. (Such as yogurt and seasonings)

-Your TNH liaison will coordinate with your each week for your delivery.


Ready, Set, Prep!


Tackle Your New Year's Goals Head On!

Once you check out, you will be contacted by a TNH liaison within 24-hours to get your started with food delivery. You will also receive a personal NNW consultant to help guide you through the registration and program process.

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