Fad Diets

Written by:    Elizabeth Fay, MS, RD, CNSC

Nutrition Tip: Farewell Fad Diets

Diet trends have waxed and waned for hundreds of years and they’ll continue to make headlines for years to come. Why do fad diets gain so much attention, but then later fizzle? Do fad diets even work?

Fad diets gain traction because they’re new and provide hope. Many people look for a quick fix. We all like something fresh and different that promises results. Some fad diets may show results quickly, but the result is often short-lived. Many fad diets are very restrictive, complex, and/or expensive. Whether the change be weight loss, lowered cholesterol, or increased energy, often people end up back where they started in no time at all. For other fad diets, people never see results, or some experience dangerous side effects from such drastic, unsafe diets. Fad diets make the headlines with big advertising and they grow quickly with large business investments. Unfortunately, fad diets aren’t tailored to your individual nutritional needs.

Nourishment Notes: Know that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all science. We all need individualized recommendations to meet our goals and needs to maintain results for life. The “diet” we eat shouldn’t be something that starts and stops like bookends. Let’s eat in a way that supports us for life! The foods we eat should balance our health and help us be our best selves, while enjoying our food at every meal and snack.

Spending time to learn healthy habits, mindful choices and developing a sense of balance over all might take more time in the beginning, but overall will lead to changes that last a lifetime.


So next time you read, hear or see something related to a fad diet, know you have found a better solution!

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