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Nuleeu Fundamentals

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Ready to maximize your success, break through your past barriers, meet your goals, and achieve lifelong results? This is your program! In this Fundamentals program we review everything you need to know about basic nutrition, fitness, meditation and mindfulness so you can build a strong foundation of knowledge. This course is designed to be completed in addition to your one-on-one sessions to reach maximum results and optimize your experience. We have bundled everything we know that helps our clients reach success in this easy-to-access and convenient solution, complete with resources, mobile app and so much more!

In addition to getting an All Access pass to our resources, course materials, guided experiences, and practice to set you up for success, this program also includes unlimited messaging and support from your nutrition expert. This means you can message all of your questions about getting started, request feedback on your recipes, or even reach out when you are not feeling the most motivated to get support! Like we said, we are here to help you reach your goals.

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Course outline:

Week 1 – What is Lifestyle Change?
Week 2 – Nutrition 101
Week 3 – Fitness Fundamentals
Week 4 – Beginner guide to meditation and mindfulness

You will need access to a computer with a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox to participate in this course. Smartphone will also work, but our course is optimized for desktop and laptop computers.